onto the African continent.
eosAfrica wants to apply block production rewards to fund
the deployment of an full node at each African university, that has a computer science department.
Why do we exist?
Circa 11th and 12th century, in the historical city of Timbuktu, three independent mosques started and maintained disparately organized communities of scholars. Many of today's enduring academic subjects were taught at these scholar communities. Although these places of learning were never centrally controlled, today we refer to the collective of these communities as the University of Timbuktu.

The passage of history has been unkind to Timbuktu and indeed, the University of Timbuktu. Due to the university’s decentralized nature, eosAfrica finds inspiration in the work done by the erstwhile inhabitants of Timbuktu. Our outlook at distributing the learning of and blockchain is prefaced by the fact that this has been achieved before. That is why we call our university full node rollout, The Timbuktu Project.
Existing Nodes
EOS mainnet full nodes.
Our Team
eosAfrica is a South African startup. Our human resource is the most important ingredient to our intended success. We have embarked on a project to build a diverse team that spans the African continent. The key requirement being cultural, gender and racial diversity. To this end, we will be painstakingly soliciting world class professionals who fit the criteria outlined above and have the temperament and qualification for the task at hand.
Our offer to EOS mainnet!

Diversity of Location

Geographic and jurisdictional diversity matters in the blockchain. Even more so, for a governed blockchain like EOS. For many people, a key ingredient for a solid chain is having a block producer and node bucket spread across many geo, jurisdictional, political and cultural boundaries. This ensures a blockchain that can weather many storms.

African Full Node Bootstrap

eosAfrica will apply block production rewards to fund the deployment of an full node at each African university that has a computer science department. If successful, this project would see hundreds of EOS full nodes across the vast African continent.

Proven Testnet Experience

eosAfrica was one of the producer candidates to join the first community testnet. This pioneering work led by sw/eden and eosDAC spawned into many other testnets. eosAfrica has participated in many prominent ones and we are currently, actively participating in the envelope-pushing JungleTestnet. We intend to continue doing so, indefinitely.

Solid Bare Metal Infrastructure

eosAfrica block production infrastructure is located in two premium datacenter locations in South Africa. To ensure security from malicious actors, we proxy our full nodes on one of the largest cloud providers. This proxy arrangement allows us to defend intrusion and DDoS attacks while remaining truly location diversified.
Partners & Supporters